Sustainability is a strategic and managerial approach integrating our economic, environmental and social performance in order to create and protect tangible and intangible value in an ethical way.



Traffic Network Solutions is a group dedicated to innovations in the arenas of Smart Cities, Internet of Things, Intelligent Transportation Systems and Mobility. The company has a set of business units ranging from development kits that put the power of innovation into the hands of the user to full turn-key ITS projects and traffic studies for mobility planning.



The company was founded in 2010 and was one of the early pioneers in new technologies for vehicle tracking. After one decade of successful operations in more than 40 countries we now offer a complete solution for monitoring and operating your infrastructure and your assets.



The company headquarters is based at The Mobility Lab in Barcelona, a stone throw away from the iconic Camp Nou Stadium. The Mobility Lab is the hub for innovations surrounding the way people move in the urban arena.


trafficnow has been dedicated to real-time traffic information for more than a decade, and offers the best in roadside detection by combining vehicle tracking systems with data collection and vehicle classification.

Data from all detectors, including both our detectors and other sources can be aggregated in the Virtual Control Center platform. We support completely autonomous, on-premises installations of the platform, ensuring that the clients get full protection of their data.

We also assist in ITS in project management and design, as well as offering turn-key solutions involving everything from site analysis to communication and alternative energy sources.

Your favorite business partner in ITS projects.

mobilitynow offers turn-key Data as a Service solutions for temporary data and OD matrix collection for before/after studies and  for traffic and event planning.

This is done in partnership with local companies dedicated to data collection, and through the design of a complete all-in-one Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/BLE sensor which includes data transmission and one-week autonomy.

The sensor is mounted in just 3 minutes, minimizing the time spent preparing a project.

Traffic counting and classification is done using post-processing on video images.

This makes mobilitynow your partner of choice for a great variety of temporary studies for analyzing the mobility around us.

The Virtual Control Center is a centralized platform where you can aggregate and manage the data and images coming from the sensors in and around your city. The platform supports world-leading ITS products, and offers a hassle-free setup in the cloud of projects, ranging from one sensor to full city coverage.

The VCC is Software as a Service, and provides real-time and historical data, along with imperative tools for traffic managements, such as reports, key performance indicators and traffic prediction.

The DeepBlue Sensor is our road traffic sensor design for gathering, aggregating and transmitting reliable details about the surrounding traffic.

DeepBlue VIA offers mobility detection and classification through market-leading video image analytics.

The 3rd generation DeepBlue Sensor uses three different technologies to get the best vehicle tracking detection in the market. The sensors also have an onboard GPS for localization and time synchronization, as well as a dual-SIM 4G worldwide modem, and 12-48 VDC passive PoE.

The DeepBlue Sensors are robust sensors, specially designed for the roadside, and are field proven in more than 40 countries for the past decade.


Traffic Network Solutions S.L., and all company-related business units, are fully committed to generating long-term added value in a sustainable, ecological and ethical manner. We follow a strict Code of Conduct in all our business processes, and have embedded ISO-based quality procedures throughout the full hardware and software design, manufacturing, assembly, delivery and customer support procedures.

We are a manufacturer and distributor of quality products for the roadside environment. The products are designed to ensure the best possible detection available; non-interrupted operation; the most robust data transmission.

Sustainability is a strategic and managerial approach integrating our economic, environmental and social performance in order to create and protect tangible and intangible value in an ethical way.


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MOBILITY is changing; our mission is to endorse the change, take part in the change and help form the change.

Our planet has an increasing population, an increasing urbanization, an increasing need for mobility, and an increasing level of pollution

We look for innovative ways to improve mobility by matching new exciting technologies with real meaningful outputs.

We use technology and strategic partnerships worldwide to provide accurate, real-time and historic information about the mobility around you.

Traffic Network Solutions, S.L. is a registered member of the Bluetooth Special interest Group (SIG); holder of the trademark [Bluetooth]


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Traffic Network Solutions, S.L. has received funding by organizations such as ENISA and CDTI (NEOTEC II) to support its innovative efforts.